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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 4, 2014 7:00am-7:11am JST

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>> don'torget to visit the "meet and speak"or additional content. hello, andhanks for joing us on nhk world. thiss "newsline." a powerf earthquake reportedly has killed 360 pple in yunn province in southwe china. the ina earthquake administrationays the magnite 65.quake hit ludia county in zhaotong citon suay afternoon. the state run xinh news agency says 367 pple were kille and more than1,880 people we injured. the new agency also sayat
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leas12,000 houses we destroyed and electricity and communication networks he been severed in ludian cnty. dian is a mountnous area about 200ilometers from t provinci capital, kunming. litary personnel, police officers, d firefighters are conducng relief activitiesnd rescui survivors, but landsles reportedly have c off roads in manlocations. rmer japanese prime minister yasuo fukuda sited beijg late last month toeet with chineseresident xi jinping. the o men discussed how to improve bilaral relations. president agreed to a request from fuka to take pa in next year's annl forum for say sha. fukuda is a boarchairman for thforum which serves aa plform or dialoe among ia's political, academic,nd busiss leaders. the two reportly exchanged opinions on what can bdone to enhance es between japan and
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china that have ffered over the senkaku islands in theast chinsea. japacontrols the islandsbut china d taiwan also claim them. pan's prime ministerhinzo abe has said he's oking forward to meeting hishinese counteart in november when leaders of thesian pacific ecomic cooperation for meet in beijing. private researchirms are predicting a subantial drop in japan's gross dostic product. they've releas their prediction ahead of the govement's announcement on august 13th. e firms say japan's gdp fo the aprito june period is likely to have droed substantiay after a sharp decline in personal ending. the firms say gdp owth in real termwill be down 1.6 to 4 percentage points fr the previousuarter. this translates an annual drop of 6.1 to.2 percentage poin. it's theirst time in seven quarrs that the figure w lower than thaof the previous three-month period.
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japan's gdp inhe january to mah period marked a 6. perctage point increase an annu rate. the firms attribute e decline to a downtn in sales of cars and home appliances folling the consption tax hike in april. they also y businesses invested less in plas and eqpment while in the pvious quarter they invesd more due to theemand for personal computers. but the forest for the july to septembeperiod is brighter becae personal spendin is expeed to pick up. primminister shinzo abe has said gdp growth in thehird quter will be one of the indices heill use to decide ether to raise the consumpon tax to 1 in october next year. red cross officials nounced they're incasing supporto the wld health organization and west african
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countries to tace the ebola outbreak. the w.h.o.onfirmed the ebola virus has claimed mo than 729 lives maly in guinea, liberi and sierra leone. the internationafederation of red cross and d crescent sociies or ifrc announcethey will commit $1illion for an emergency respse team. thteam will treat patients a one of theorst hit areas in sira leone. a statent by the ifrc says the spread oebola has gone beyon the cacity of governments d humanitarian a agencies. w.h.o.fficials announced last week they wi commit $100 million to fighting e spread of ebola. ne group fighting the ebola outbreak saysore can be done doctors whout borders is callingor morexperts to sent toelp bring the infection under contro the humitarian group has dispatched --
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>> first i toash the dead boes and youan get infecte ju by washing wit your hds the deadbody. you will go back toour village, sierra lee, libea, or guinea, and aft 2 t 21 days you can havehe disease. >> sheaid docrs and hlth ficials in the region are experienced and manpeople don't ust them. >> the first timehat this ebola disea happens inest afri, the population didn' know anything about . the medical staff dn't know anything, and the polical and administtive authorities didn't know as ll. >>he said the inftion is being sead quicklyecause many pients avoid hospils even whenhey know they are incted. sh said her orgazation's resources arelready strched to the limit and wants
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ditional medical staff sent fromround the world to help train local health worke. a u. man infected with t ola virus has returned hom fr west africa for trement. s. state department ficials say ree americans who we woing in the region coracted the viru e of them has died. on surday one of the patients arrid at a u.s. air forcbase in the southerstate of georgia on board a speciallyquipped mecal plane. the patit was transferred to university hospil in atlanta. dr. kent brantlyas helping to contain the outbreak. he will receivspecial eatment in an isolatn unit. hospitalfficials said in a statement at the public will nobe in any danger. the other eba patient is expected to arri in the u.s. in a f days. israeli prime minister benjaminetanyahu hasndicated he will scale downhe military operations in the gaza rip, but the palestinian militant
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grou hamas has vowed to ntinue fighting. netanyahu said on satday that israeli forces would curta their ground offensive when the finish destroying underground tunnels. me of the troopsave withdrawn from crowded areas i northern gaza. they have movedlose to the boundary with isra. buthe prime minister insists that the operations wil contue. hamas has accusedsrael of attacking many women and ildren. israeli forces lnched a fierce attack nearhe southn ga city of rafah on sunday morning. the militar operations that ben in early july have killed more than 1,700 peopl and injured 000. the situation in gaza remains unrtain. the intertional effortso mediate a cease-fi have made little progress. a tropil depression is bringing mor rain to western japan's shy key cue region over 1,000 millimete have fallen since friday a that's raising t risk of floods and
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landslides. local municipities have issued anvacuation order and advisor for the ea. . the japan meteorological ancy sa the depression is causing da air fmhe pacific to movever western japa hourly raiall of 10 miimeters was recorde in koch pfecture on sunday. neighboring tokushima prefecture has had morthan 600 millimers of rainfall since friday. tokushi prefecture 40-year-ol constructioorkers swas swept away by a swollen rivernd was ler confirmed late. cal municipalities have ordered about 850 households to evacuate. an evacuation advisory h been issued for another 258,0 househds. > now, let's checkut the world ather.
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that's going to do it r newslinet this hour. i'm hiro morita inokyo.
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thanks for watching nhk wod. >> a fierclooking dragon. a couplely fitd statue of the god mercy. these precus artworks are displayed not just in japa but e united states. the ston museum of fine t is own for outstanding llection of asian art.


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